4 Smart Ways How to Choose the Best Bali Private Guide

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Bali offers tourists with an abundant choice of interesting attractions. Sometimes it can be overwhelming choosing which places to visit especially if you are limited in terms of time and budget. You can hire your own Bali private driver guide and save yourself from ultimate disappointment because you miss one or two spots that you should’ve visited. We provide you with tips how to choose the best Bali private guide below.

Legit Agencies or Companies

You should be aware that scams are everywhere. You shouldn’t pick a random stranger off the street to be your guide just because he or she is a local and is willing to be paid a little. We recommend you to hire a trusted, professional and experienced driver at Bali Drive Five instead. This company offers you private car hire with driver Bali that can guarantee to give you the best service and know their way around Bali.


Know all the rate for every kind of services available so that it would be easier to work out an agreement. Make sure everything stays within your budget plan.

Wish list

Even though your tour driver knows Bali so well but you should know which places you want to visit and have a clear vision what kind of place it is. That why, your driver will offers you shortcuts or quickest ways to get there thus saving you more time.

Read Reviews

Trusted reviews help convince you that an agency or company is a legit and not some kind of scam. Bali Drive Five is one of the most trustworthy driver guide agencies in Bali that offers you the best service at a reasonable price. You can ask for local advice too or your hotel for more recommendation and candid reviews rather than just rely on anonymous reviews on the internet.

Hiring your own private tour driver Bali will make your holiday experience ten times more awesome and easier. If you rented your own car you still had to pay for gas not to mention rent fee. With Bali Drive Five it is all covered including parking, and free meal and mineral water. You can work out an agreement at www.balidrivefive.com

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